Terms of Service

We guarantee two things: quality writing and quality submission. Doing this in a timely manner is what we are proud of. Our team can write a wide array of academic papers including but not limited to research paper, thesis works, coursework, assignment writing, and dissertations. Our company also specializes in delivering business research papers, grant applications, resumes, admission essays, and web contents. Power Point presentations is something that our team know how to do.

Submitting Orders
You can use our order form to place orders, and you can find the form here. We will then have an account created for you in our database. Our system will receive your login details once you have signed up. Upon seeing what your research paper is all about, one of our writers will go ahead and work with you. A writer, with tons of experience in your particular subject, will work with you to achieve your goal. Your orders will be completed in accordance with your requirements – which you have had submitted in your form.

Upon processing the payment, our writers will take the time to work with you. The writer we choose will be a highly qualified one who will work with your right away. Guaranteeing the satisfaction of our clients is what this process is all about, and they will be protected – most of the time – from the issues that might ensure in an online environment. To avoid fraud, Myessaypaper.com`s billing department might require you to confirm your identity.

Order Confirmation
Upon submitting your research paper`s information, you will receive an email. Save all your confidential data. Our staff can assist you in recovering your data over time, but you should make sure that your data is safe.

It is paramount for us to ensure that you will check your email. You will receive messages from our staff or additional information via email. Upon finding a problem, our staff will send you a short message out; therefore, you should check your email for any notification. You can get in touch with our writers via our messaging system, and you can do this even for an update.

Receiving the Order
Please download your order from our system once the project has been completed. Upon requesting the document, our staff will send it out to you.

At no cost, we can perform any revisions if you want to. You have the option of re-submitting the project within 48 hours if you find it badly made. You must not have changed the instructions for the project before doing this. If you are not satisfied, you can request as many revisions as you can within 14 days of ordering the project.

Filling the Survey
To provide the best experience for our clients is what our service is all about. We highly appreciate our clients` feedback because their opinions help us a lot. Please fill out the customer satisfaction survey upon receiving your project. We love our clients and want to make sure that they receive the best possible service in the industry, and we will go the extra mile for them.